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Clémentine Télesfort (France) and Lisard Tranis (Catalonia) are two collaborating dance artists based in Barcelona. They have been co-creating artistically since 2019 in research and scenic creation focusing on movement and body expression as a communication tool. Their meeting point lies in the interest of investigating bodily states that lead to the embodiment of images, characters and stories. The common imagination they build starts from the curiosity to explore attention as a dramaturgical instrument, an ode to presence, which leads them to create works where the everyday gives rise to the poetics of the subconscious.


Clémentine and Lisard are performers and creators who have worked together since 2017 in different companies such as Guy Nader & Maria Campos and Lali Ayguadé among others. Over the years, they cultivated a common language that led them to start their own artistic path as collaborating choreographers.

Both were part of the VERVE postgraduate company (2015/2016) at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance in Leeds where they both received the 'Outstanding achievement Award' for their year. Before that, Lisard trained at the Institut del Teatre in Barcelona and Clementine at TrinityLaban Conservatoire of Music and Dance in London. Since then, each has continued to work with international choreographers as performers, as well as collaborating with circus artists, videographers, musicians and photographers on collaborative projects and commissions.


Their first joint creation, Scotoma (2021), was presented at numerous national and international festivals. And in 2023, they created their first full-length work for theaters, La Mecànica de l'Infortuni. They are regularly invited to teach internationally, at festivals or as guest artists at institutions and in professional trainings. It is through the teaching of their partnering workshop, The Attentive Act, that they investigate and deepen their own physical practice, while continuously expanding their understanding and curiosity for movement.

Lisard Tranis


Lisard Tranis studied at the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona and won first prize at the International Dance Competition, which awarded him a scholarship to the Peridance Capezio Center in New York. He later joined Verve, a graduate of the Northern School of Contemporary Dance in England where he received the Outstanding Postgraduate Achievement Award. Lisard has worked and performed internationally with companies such as Guy Nader & Maria Campos, Lali Ayguadé Company, Phoenix Dance Theater, Hagit Yakira Dance, James Wilton Dance and José Besprosvany, among others. 
In 2021 he created the collective Tres Tristes Tios with his childhood friends Ricard Gonzalez Navarro
 (circus artists) and Juan Pastor Gimmez (musician) which received the "Support a la creació" from Figueres es Mou Festival.

Clémentine Telesfort


Clémentine Telesfort first trained under the pedagogical teachings of her mother Marie Devillers at her parents Centre Choréographique pour l'Enfance in the north of France since she was born until age 18. In the meantime she graduated in a Dance bachelor (TMD) from the Conservatory of Rouen in France. Straight after she trained at TrinityLaban in London and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (HONS) Honorous Degree in 2015. The following year she joined Verve Postgraduate Company at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance in Leeds, where she received the Outstanding Achievement Award of her year. Since then Clémentine has worked with choreographers and artists such as Guy Nader and Maria Campos Company, Lali Ayguadé Company, Anton Lachky, Jamaal Burkmar and Gecko Theatre, Theatre Rites, Bittersuite, and Paula Serrano amongst others. In 2019 she curated and directed the first edition of an International Rural Cultural Festival, the PinkHouse Festival in the north of France.

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