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The workshop is aimed at people from all disciplines interested in expanding their partnering experience and refining their ability for connection and listening. We invite the participants to investigate four main aspects we consider essential in our practice as artists: sensitivity, control, availability, and creative adaptation.

The class will address: movement efficiency, accuracy in reading the quality of motion of our partner and finding balance between the intentions and outcomes of our shared movement exploration.
We will be offering a wide range of tools helping to deepen the understanding of main principles used in partnering work such as: sharing and transferring weight, generating and utilising momentum, dealing with changes of direction, speed and levels, economising force and differentiating it to power, cultivating trust and confidence in shared and balanced roles. 

We are keen to share tools that allow participants to investigate their original movement and challenge their practice as a mover beyond technical constraints. We are interested in the quality of the relationships we cultivate with ourselves and others, forming a sensitive and responsive body that can unleash our imagination and support our performance state.


Upcoming _

APRIL 2024
30 /04 - 04/05 Danzahra Dance Festival (Clémentine teaching), Zahara | Spain

MAY 2024

11/05 - The Attentive Act Workshop, Freezone Barcelona

MAY 2024

08 - 09 /06 - Entrenamenta Morning Class, NunArt Guinardo

                   Mondays to Thrusday 9.30 - 11h, Barcelona

JUNE 2024

08 - 09 /06 - APDC / The Attentive Act, 2 days Partnering Workshop                                             From 11h to 14h, La Caldera, Barcelona

JULY 2024

15 - 19 /07 - Deltebre Dance Festival / Week 2, GREEN & BLUE  | Spain

JULY 2024

23 - 28 /07 - B12 Dance Festival (Lisard teaching), Berlin

JULY 2024

21 - 26 /07 - Tierras en Danza Festival (Clementine teaching) | Spain

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Late Pro Training, FreeZone Barcelona | Spain
Roca Umbert, Granollers | Spain
Nunart Guinardo, Barcelona | Spain
Descalzinha Danza, Madrid | Spain
Codarts Circus, Rotterdam | Netherlands
Festival Dança em Transito, Brasilia | Brasil
Ferrus Animi Terra Nova Summer Intensive, London | UK
Professional Training APDC, La Caldera​ | Spain
Professional Training APDC, La Caldera​ | Spain
Festival Batecs, Manresa | Spain

Institute of the Arts Barcelona | Spain
Late Pro Training, Freezone | Spain
Nunart Guinardo | Spain

Fre3 Bodies & Friends | Spain

Prisma Festival | Pànama

Les Rencontres FMR d'Arles | France

Akropoditi Dance Fest | Greece

Como | Italy

Nunart Guinardo | Spain
Codarts Circus, Rotterdam | Netherlands

Fre3 Bodies Company | Spain

Descalzinha Danza | Spain

Nunart Guinardo | Spain

Fre3 Bodies Company | Spain

Nunart Guinardo | Spain

Katapult Berlin | Spain

Danseu Festival | Spain

Dance Days Chania | Greece

Nunart Guinardo | Spain

Descalzinha Danza | Spain

IAB, Institute of the Art Barcelona | Spain

Face, Teatro Frida | Italy

Past _


If you wish to collaborate on an event, organise our workshop in your space or invite us to teach in your school or institution, you can get in touch with via email at or in the Contact section and we will be happy to get back you and connect.

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